Orgone Energy was the name given by Wilhelm Reich to life energy permeating everything. In some mystic traditions, orgone is also called “Ch’i”, “Prana”, “Ether”, ‘Élan vital” or “fifth element”.

Wilhelm Reich was the first serious and dedicated scientist to investigate the existence and properties of this life energy, leaving aside mysticism to focus on a primary scientific approach to the idea.

Before the rise of a mecanical world-view several hundred years ago (Newton), all traditions and religions talked about this concept of a sea of energy from which all material forms stem and materialize.

This same theme can be found in hinduism (prana), buddhism and taoism (chi, Ki), all oriental traditions. But the concept can also be found in occident with the greeks (ether).

These past years, we can see a trend towards healing modalities based on life energy, such as reiki, but also a convergence in the world of leading-edge quantum physics. All of a sudden, modern science seems to point toward the “old” world view that everything is connected, and that a form of sentient, all-permeating energy exists, even though the scientific establishment still categorically denies the existence and invalidates the concept of life energy.

According to Reich observations, orgone is present in three forms, these being (according to his terminology) POR for Positive Orgone Radiation, DOR for Deadly Orgone Radiation and OR which is simply neutral orgone.

what is por or dor?

Some settings where a high concentration of POR can be found are: in the forest, near a waterfall, after a rain, in nature. Beautiful cumulus clouds are also a manifestation of POR as they generally point toward good weather, moving and evolving atmospheric currents.

DOR is quite the opposite: a high concentration of DOR can be found near nuclear plants, big cities, industrial zones, etc. Atmospheric stagnation such as slow moving fronts or cloudless clear blue skies lasting several days are also signs of concentrated DOR.

Electro-magnetic frequencies are, for the most part, a major source of DOR nowadays and unfortunately the world we live in is saturated by these frequencies in the form of electric fields, wifi signals, etc.

In the 80’s, another independant researcher, Karl Welz, discovered that a mix of metal particles suspended in hardened resin was superior to the alternate layers of organic and metalic material that Reich was using.

He called this new composite material Orgonite. And from there we went from an orgone accumulator to an orgone generator.

Don Croft intuitively understood the potential of this innovation, ad combined it with his knowledge of Reich’s cloud-busters to create is own version of a cloud-buster, and several other devices thereafter. He also found that this configuration could transmute DOR into POR.

Adding quartz crystals as an amplifier allowed to project the energy in a much wider range. The real break through with these new devices is that they become active in the presence of powerful negative energy fields, transmuting the deadly energy into positive, life-giving energy.

These new devices would actually benefit from being exposed to negativity.

The cloud-buster “movement” then became a vivid and fast-growing community of indepedant researchers, as positive effects could easily be felt and experimented first-hand.

While only a hand-ful of people can perceive or see subtle energies, anyone can see desertic regions being turned back into thriving areas, plants growing faster and better, etc.

This “movement” is based on empirical evidence, and sometimes animated discussion between members. We have no final ultimate proof that what we think to be true is the truth, however an increasing number of people notice positive changes right now.

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